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Bill McDougall Golf Schools

Our goal is to offer the best instruction available,
competitive pricing and added value.
All instruction is personalized along with excellent reference materials.

*All Programs include latest video and launch monitor data.
Added value: swing drills dvd and putting tips dvd. $60.00
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Private Lessons (one on one, all sessions are 60 minutes)
$90 - 1 session
3 Session (3 hours) $255

(includes the cyclops putting system)Added value $160.00

Semi Private 3 lessons
(two students, all sessions 60 minutes)
3 hours $150.00/student
( includes the cyclops putting system) Added Value $160.00
5 Lessons( two students, all sessions 60 minutes)
5 hours $250.00/student
( includes the cyclops putting system) Added Value $160.00

Group Beginner Lessons: (4 sessions, total of 5 hours, 4 students per group)
$150.00/ student. Covers fundamentals and the full swing. Clubs supplied if needed.
(includes the cyclops putting system ) Added Value $160.00

Experienced Group Lessons form your own group and format (package and pricing same as group beginner lessons)

Short Game Shcools
Chipping, Pitching, Putting learn the skills of chipping, pitching, bunker play and putting all integral to lowering your scores. 3 hours, 4 students $125.00
(includes the cyclops putting system ) Added Value $160.00

Junior Swing Classes to be announced

Corporate outings formatted to your needs

Senior Day : Thursday 2-4pm, 6-8 students, 2 different topics each week $35.00

Kevin Day Golf Schools
Group Email Spring Special
This package is for those looking for beginner or novice level instruction. We cover basic fundamentals and the swing motion. Group size will not exceed 8 and will include 4 hours of instuction. Normally a $150.00 spring special of only $99.00. Offered is specifically to those who recieved the April newsletter. Classes begin on May 3 or May 5 at 7pm and run three weeks consecutively. Call 780-461-4653 or register online.

For any further info contact Bill at 780-993-3630 or 780-461-(GOLF)4653.

Prices do not include GST